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Recycled Vanity

by Jeannine Scheck Email

For the earth friendly, a fabulous alternative to buying new pieces for your home is to recycle old pieces. I recently had a client who had bought an antique buntiere on E-Bay to use as a vanity in a formal powder room. We refurbished it, adding a gorgeous limestone with a cove over waterfall edge detail and voila!, we have an absolutely stunning vanity! Other details of the room included a niche for a mirror and wrought iron sconces that complimented the home’s old world charm. Not only is the outcome beautiful and meaningful, it is also a creative way to be more ecologically conscious.

Bamboo Flooring

by Jeannine Scheck Email


I recently came across this website while researching alternative flooring. While bamboo is a great sustainable choice, for designers and clients concerned with aesthetics, it can often lack personality and character. The selections of bamboo floor retailer Ambient, combine sustainability with style, featuring distressed and hand scraped floors.